Raison d’être from Kapadokya

As soon as I laid my eyes on you,

the ten-hour-long bus ride felt true.

You brought me into a novel world

of blues and browns, handsome herald.

Longed I to stand under your clear sky,

to confirm the rumors, to be nigh;

I knew not you’d give me the raison d’être

to forever guide my life, Kapadokya. 

Moments lived in your valleys lent

an escape, liberated breaths well-spent.

Fairy chimneys, hot air balloons,

an elderly couple selling ragdolls amid runes. 

Here I was on a simple escapade

away from society, its deceitful trade,

in search for a reason to live

not just to survive, to merely take and give. 

I found it in the reflection of a handicraft

as I left a pottery site, a magical shaft.

I saw myself in the misty, carved mirror.

I smiled back, a reason so simple, so austere.

Seen at the pottery site

Seen at the pottery site

One of the highlights of my stay in Turkey last summer was visiting Kapadokya (also spelled as Cappadocia). While in Istanbul, one can see water and people from every angle, Kapadokya is unique for its rocky terrain and peaceful silence. 

If you look closely, you'll see faces in the enveloped rocks!

If you look closely, you’ll see faces in the enveloped rocks!

Often, we experience ordeals that make us evaluate our existence. During these times, one fact we should firmly hold on to is: pursue what brings you happiness. The most magical blessing in the world is you. Live for yourself and those who care for you.

Grateful to have had the opportunity to visit and photograph this fairytale-like place


9 thoughts on “Raison d’être from Kapadokya

    • I am glad you could connect so strongly with my post. Indeed, Cappadocia is a magical place. At first, I wasn’t going to be able to make it and decided to give it up until another trip to Turkey. I guess it was destiny that took me there anyway. I’m happy for that. And I hope you too can visit soon!


  1. I had the privilege of living in Cappadocia for 2 and a half years…Memories I will keep forever with of course thousands of photos I have taken there. Loved all your photos and your poem is beautiful.

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    • Teşekkürler! Wow, 2 and a half years, that’s so lucky! I am sure you have lots of memories. It seems from your blog you’ve spent quite some time in Turkey. Recently, I completed watching a Turkish TV series, Kuzey Guney, in English subtitles. Not sure if you’re familiar with it, but the protagonist decides to live independently in Samsun and your blog post reminded me of that. Looking forward to reading more about your experiences.

      Liked by 1 person

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